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07/27/11 12:28 AM ET

Williams: Questions will be answered in time

CHICAGO -- In a follow-up to his 11-minute Monday dissertation on the White Sox being at an unknown state trade-wise, general manager Ken Williams was asked before Tuesday's 5-4 loss to Detroit if he had been told by White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf to cut payroll.

That report came on Tuesday from MLB Network's Ken Rosenthal, pointing out that the White Sox went all in with their franchise-record $127 million payroll, but haven't received the same on-field return on the field or in the stands.

Williams chose not to elaborate on Trade Deadline possibilities, offering up this response to MLB.com.

"We should just get to the Trade Deadline and where we are, what we do, what we may do, all these questions will be answered," Williams said. "And let's go from there. We'll see how we do this week."

When asked if there were any untouchables on his roster, Williams smiled and reiterated, "Let's see how we do this week."

The White Sox have seven players who are virtually untradeable as is or without concessions. Mark Buehrle, A.J. Pierzynski and Paul Konerko all have full no-trade clauses, while Adam Dunn, Alex Rios, Jake Peavy and Mark Teahen have significant money and/or years left on their respective contracts.

Edwin Jackson's name has been mentioned frequently because of the White Sox six-man rotation and Jackson becoming a free agent after the 2011 season. Carlos Quentin also is a possibility, with Dayan Viciedo waiting in the wings at Triple-A Charlotte. But Viciedo was out of Tuesday's lineup once again with a sore right thumb, and Quentin is hitting .417 with 11 RBIs since the All-Star break.

Danks not interested in speculation

CHICAGO -- A group of four or five reporters stood around John Danks' locker prior to Tuesday's 5-4 loss against Detroit, talking mostly about his turnaround from an 0-8 start and Danks' start in Wednesday afternoon's series finale.

In the midst of that interview session, Mark Buehrle, Danks' friend and stationed next to him locker-wise, decided to have a little fun with all the attention.

"Get your stuff off," said Buehrle. "You've been traded."

This light-hearted approach as the Trade Deadline shows that the players aren't exactly worried about possible movement prior to Sunday's 3 p.m. CT deadline, even after general manager Ken Williams spoke on Monday about not being sure if the White Sox would be buyers or sellers. Danks stands as one of the handful of players who logically could be moved, because of his high value and the team having control over him through 2012.

Trade Include

As Danks has stated since early in the season, he's not worried about possible moves involving his name.

"No, it doesn't do me any good to worry about it," said Danks, adding that he honestly didn't even know what Williams said on Monday. "Kenny is in charge and whatever he does, my opinion or how I feel about it doesn't change anything. I'm worried about my start tomorrow, and let Kenny worry about being the GM.

"That's exactly how I want it. I don't want to try to get caught up in all of that. A lot of these guys have been around the block for years now. This is nothing new. We just have to go out there and play good baseball. If we are playing well, we'll add. If we start to lose over the next week, then who knows what will happen?"

Ozzie understands club's difficult position

CHICAGO -- White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen was not taken aback on Monday by a conversation with Ken Williams in which the general manager admitted the team could become sellers for the first time during their eight-year tenure together.

"What can I say when you're not seeing anything going forward? I'm not going to lie to Kenny in his face and say 'Wow, look, we're going to do this and that,'" Guillen said. "With that, I'm just honest with him: 'Listen, I love this ballclub but I'm 50-50. I don't know which one I am going to get.'

"I'm 50-50 with them, but I believe in what we have. I think the quality of the ballplayers out there ... and I told him these three, four, five, six, seven games will dictate to you what we have.

"Every day is kind of different. It makes it kind of hard," Guillen said. "I love this ballclub a lot and I love these guys a lot. And I think with this ballclub we can win with it. Are we going to? I don't know."

Guillen went as far as to say the 2011 White Sox, man for man, have better talent than the 2005 World Series champions. When asked about no-trade machinations with certain players, though, Guillen deferred those dealings to the front office.

"That's not my department. I stay away from that," Guillen said. "Hopefully, they say, 'No, I'll stay with Ozzie,' or 'I'll stay in Chicago, I like Chicago, it's a better town' than saying, 'No, we'll leave.'"

Pena out for season, may need surgery

CHICAGO -- Reliever Tony Pena, who has not pitched for the White Sox since May 27, will not work again this season. Pena said on Tuesday that Tommy John surgery had been recommended on his right elbow, but he will seek a second opinion next week when visiting Dr. Lewis Yocum in Los Angeles.

The right-hander had his last rehab appearance at Triple-A Charlotte shut down after four pitches.

"Oh my god, it hurt," said Pena of his last rehab appearance. "They told me I've got to do surgery. I don't know how it feels now because I'm not pitching."

Leyland praises Buehrle's calm demeanor

CHICAGO -- Tigers manager Jim Leyland pointed to Mark Buehrle calmly working around two fielding mistakes on routine popups during a two-run third inning as a key to the White Sox 6-3 victory on Monday night.

"He didn't bat an eye. Showed no emotion. Calm as a cucumber. Cool, just no big deal," said Leyland. "I was so impressed when Buehrle did that last night. That was fantastic.

"That's the difference. The younger guy might get a little flustered, but Buehrle acted like, 'Nothing happened, don't worry about it, I'll take care of it.' That's why he's been a [real good] pitcher for such a long time."

Third to first

• Aside from Gavin Floyd pitching on Friday, the White Sox have not set up their remaining rotation against Boston. White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said that Philip Humber is "out there somewhere" against the Red Sox. Humber has been available out of the bullpen during the Tigers series and in Sunday's final game against the Indians.

• Paul Konerko tied Johnny Bench for 54th place on the all-time home run list at 389 with his two-run shot on Tuesday. He also homered in back-to-back games for the first time since June 20-21 against the Cubs.

• The White Sox are 8-9 over this run of 18 straight games against the American League Central and 14-20 overall for the season.

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