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Box > Oakland 2, Chi White Sox 1
A's on the Marco
Freddy Garcia worked a solid seven innings but earned no decision, as the White Sox, missing several key players because of injuries, lost their first series and two straight for the first time this season.
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Marco Scutaro strokes the game-winning single in the ninth. (Ben Margot/AP)
Three Oakland relievers combined for 3 2/3 scoreless frames to keep the game tied until Marco Scutaro's RBI single in the ninth delivered a second straight win and the series win over the White Sox. Erubiel Durazo homered in the winning effort.
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Athletics Coverage
• A's notes: Streaky Byrnes waits turn
 Scutaro's game-winning RBI single
 Durazo's home run
Chi White Sox (19-7)
Won 3
Oakland 2, Chi White Sox 1   OAK
Oakland (13-14)
Lost 2
April 27, 2005
   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   R   H   E 
Chi White Sox
1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0   1 5 1
0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1   2 7 1
Standings through 4/27/05  |  Gameday  |  White Sox Stats  |  Athletics Stats
Podsednik, LF4000003.279
Harris, 2B4020000.375
Everett, DH2110201.276
Konerko, 1B4011004.241
Dye, RF-SS4000013.171
Rowand, CF2000100.253
Pierzynski, C2000201.250
Widger, 3B2000202.240
Crede, SS4010015.315
Perez, RF0000000.179

2B: Konerko (3, Saarloos).
TB: Harris 2; Everett; Konerko 2; Crede.
RBI: Konerko (17).
2-out RBI: Konerko.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Dye; Podsednik; Konerko; Crede.
GIDP: Pierzynski; Podsednik; Konerko; Dye.
Team LOB: 8.

SB: Everett (2, 2nd base off Duchscherer/Kendall).

E: Dye (3, throw).
DP: 2 (Crede-Harris-Konerko, Harris-Crede-Konerko).

Kotsay, CF3000112.292
Kendall, C4010022.247
Chavez, 3B2000200.181
Hatteberg, 1B4000004.284
Durazo, DH4231000.243
Ellis, 2B2000000.268
Swisher, RF3000101.225
Scutaro, SS4021011.302
Thomas, LF2010011.040
a-Byrnes, PH-LF0000100.208

a-Walked for Thomas in the 8th.

3B: Scutaro (1, Garcia).
HR: Durazo (2, 4th inning off Garcia, 0 on, 2 out).
TB: Kendall; Durazo 6; Scutaro 4; Thomas.
RBI: Durazo (8), Scutaro (6).
2-out RBI: Durazo.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Scutaro.
S: Ellis 2.
GIDP: Kendall; Hatteberg.
Team LOB: 8.

E: Kendall (1, throw).
DP: 4 (Saarloos-Scutaro-Hatteberg, Ellis-Scutaro-Hatteberg, Street-Ellis-Scutaro-Hatteberg, Ellis-Scutaro-Hatteberg).

Garcia 7.04112412.83
Marte (L, 2-2)1.02112102.70
Hermanson 0.11001000.00
Saarloos 5.14115105.33
Street 1.20001102.92
Rincon 0.21000003.60
Duchscherer (W, 2-0)1.10001000.66

Marte pitched to 1 batter in the 9th.

WP: Garcia.
IBB: Chavez (by Marte), Swisher (by Hermanson).
HBP: Rowand (by Duchscherer).
Pitches-strikes: Garcia 108-64, Marte 27-16, Hermanson 10-5, Saarloos 77-42, Street 18-7, Rincon 9-6, Duchscherer 27-14.
Ground outs-fly outs: Garcia 5-12, Marte 2-0, Hermanson 1-0, Saarloos 13-2, Street 3-1, Rincon 1-1, Duchscherer 0-4.
Batters faced: Garcia 26, Marte 6, Hermanson 3, Saarloos 22, Street 5, Rincon 3, Duchscherer 6.
Inherited runners-scored: Hermanson 1-1, Street 2-0, Duchscherer 1-0.
EjectionsChicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen ejected by HP umpire Hunter Wendelstedt. (9th); Chicago White Sox third baseman Joe Crede ejected by HP umpire Hunter Wendelstedt. (9th).
Umpires: HP: Hunter Wendelstedt. 1B: Mike Winters. 2B: Jerry Meals. 3B: Bruce Froemming.
Weather: 61 degrees, overcast.
Wind: 7 mph, Out to CF.
T: 2:42.
Att: 14,172.

Box score official statistics approved by Major League Baseball and the Office of the Commissioner
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