I remember being real excited this offseason hearing the news that we had signed Adam Dunn as a free agent. I knew right away he would be a great addition for our club, and that's the way it's been working out through the early weeks of the season.

You don't need to be a baseball genius to understand it. Anytime you can add a guy who has accomplished what Adam has accomplished, it's going to help any team. We were lucky to get him.

Adam is the biggest free-agent acquisition our club has made since I broke in with Washington in 2005. Considering there was some pretty strong competition for his services, it was a real positive development for us to get him signed.

Adam obviously brings a lot to our team. As a hitter myself, it's always good to be surrounded by guys who can do a lot. He hits fourth, and I hit third. I don't necessarily believe that means I get better pitches to hit because guys are going to pitch me the same no matter who's hitting behind me. But his presence in that spot does provide a better chance to capitalize on RBI opportunities, up and down the lineup.

Adam is a big-time power guy. He's one of the best in our game at hitting home runs. So it's fun to watch him hit every day and see how he works. Bottom line: he works hard, he's a good teammate and he's fun to be around.

Adam likes to keep things loose and you need that on your team, too. Not everyone has the right combination of skill and personality to pull that off, either. The season is so long, and it's kind of a grind sometimes, so it's important when guys like Adam can help to make it more fun.

But I knew from the beginning it was a good free-agent signing. Before he arrived, I had met him a couple of times. We also talked a little during the offseason. I knew that he would fit in, and I knew what he brings to this team.

Ryan Zimmerman is off to a strong start in his fifth season. He entered a weekend series with Arizona batting .336 with five home runs and 20 runs batted in. He is also in the midst of a 25-game hitting streak. Veteran outfielder and first baseman Adam Dunn, who played previously for the Reds and Diamondbacks, leads the Nats with seven homers 23 RBIs.