It's been a lot of fun being back out on the field on an everyday basis this season, and I've really enjoyed playing with this group on the White Sox, but I think I could have done better than I have.

This has been a big change for me from a year ago. I didn't play every day with the Dodgers, and I wasn't in the American League. So I've had to make a lot of adjustments -- adjustments I could have made sooner in the season, I think.

Overall, it's been an OK season for me, but I'm not satisfied by any means. I try not to focus on what I'm doing individually. I'm just trying to finish up strong.

One big part of my game is my ability to run and to steal bases. I do have 60 steals this season, but that doesn't mean I'm satisfied in that regard either. I look more at the number of times I got thrown out trying to steal. That number is larger than I would like to see.

As part of coming to the new league you have to learn new pitchers. I saw a lot of these guys for the first time, but it's good to get out there and get running again. I just wish I hadn't gotten thrown out so often.

The American League on the whole is good. The approach of the White Sox is more like a National League team, though. Ozzie Guillen lets us run, we bunt, we hit and run. The other thing you notice about switching leagues is there's not as much strategy in the AL. There aren't as many double-switches. The pitchers don't come out as quickly. It's a hitter's league, and that extra hitter does make a huge difference.

That extra hitter helps me as well. Normally in the National League as a leadoff guy I have the pitcher hitting in front of me. To have a position player in front of me helps out a lot.

This is also my second time playing in Chicago. I played for the Cubs for one season a few years ago, and I think the biggest difference between playing for the White Sox and the Cubs is that the fans here are more intense. We have the working-man fans, so to speak. The Cubs pack the stadium all the time, but it's more social. Cubs fans are excited about their team, but it is just a different crowd, a different feel being on the South Side.

It's also been nice having some familiar faces around me. I played in the outfield with the Dodgers with Andruw Jones and Manny Ramirez and here they are again as my teammates. When we traded for Manny, I joked with him that he's following me. It feels like we've come full circle.

Veteran outfielder Juan Pierre is playing for his fifth big league team. He has more than 600 at-bats this season for the first time since 2007, and he topped 60 steals for the third time.