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Special Events - FAQ

2016 Special Events are subject to availability. Tickets are subject to dynamic pricing and are available on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage you to buy early and lock in the special item and discounted price.

All Special Event tickets will have a special code on the ticket and are in a specific seating location. In order to redeem any item or gain access to any special activity you will need to present us with your Special Event ticket at the distribution location specified on the Special Events webpage.


If I buy a regular single game ticket to a special event game, will I still be able to receive the special event item and participate in any special activities?


How do I know I purchased the correct ticket?


How do I receive my special event item?


Am I guaranteed to receive the special event promotional item?


I already have tickets to the special event game; can I exchange them for special event tickets?


I'm a Season Ticket Holder. How am I able to participate in activities and receive items associated with this event?


Can I select a Special Event in my Rays Flex Pack?


Can I purchase the special event item at the game?


If I can't make the game am I able to collect my special event item?


Is there a limit to how many special event tickets I can buy?

If you have any other questions, please call 727-825-3406 or e-mail